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European Pact For Youth

Business-education partnerships in support of youth employability and inclusion.

The European Pact for Youth is a mutual engagement of business and the European Union leaders. Initiated by CSR Europe, it brings together representatives for business, education and youth, and the European institutions. It call on all businesses, social partners, education and training providers, youth organisations, public and private employment services, teachers, trainers, learners and parents as well as other key actors, to develop or consolidate partnerships in support of youth employability and inclusion. 

In line with these objectives and proposed actions, business will engage with the European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility and all supportive organisations, to support the creation of 10,000 quality business-education partnerships, with the shared target to establish together at least 100,000 new good quality apprenticeships, traineeships or entry-level jobs.

This will be achieved through 28 action plans established in the Member States: Impronta Etica and Sodalitas (National Partner Organizations of CSR Europe) promoted and developed the national action plan in Italy.

The results and joint proposals for future policies on youth employability, transitions from education to employment, better skills matching and enhanced business competitiveness, that will stem from this Pact, were be presented at the 1st European Enterprise-Education Summit in 2017.