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Open Group

OPEN GROUP  is a social cooperative (A + B type) created on the 1st of may 2014 from the merger of three cooperatives in the province of  Bologna:  Centro Accoglienza la Rupe, Coopas e Voli Group.

It has 480 workers, 350 members and it operates in 8 sectors, in the socio-educational, social health, management of cultural heritage, communication and information fields.

It deals with disabilities, dependencies, work inclusion of disadvantaged people, housing emergencies, street’s education, school support, integration.

It also operates in the cultural sector, offering cataloguing and archiving services and libraries, and in the communication sector by managing the broadcasting stations Radio Città del Capo and Libera Radio, the first web radio station of information about legality and against mafia’s criminal organizations. It also has a communication agency specialized on green and environmental issues.

Open Group manages all these services and it offers a wide point of view on all the social dynamics in the territory. This allows it to offer innovative and integrated solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s needs.