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EU Talent: Business in Europe Hosting Apprentices for Youth

Scritto il: 2 March 2019 in: / EU Projects

ABOUT THE PROJECT Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), have a big role and potential in combatting youth unemployment by providing development and employment opportunities, such as offering apprenticeships. SMEs however often …

European Pact For Youth

Scritto il: 18 December 2017 in: / EU Projects
pact for youth

Business-education partnerships in support of youth employability and inclusion. The European Pact for Youth is a mutual engagement of business and the European Union leaders. Initiated by CSR Europe, it brings …

Integrated, connected and secure. Risks and opportunities of a sustainable supply chain management

Scritto il: 2 October 2015 in: / Documents and reports

The impacts on company’s value chain of new relationships between a company and its business stakeholders. The research, released by Impronta Etica in September 2015, is part of a wider field of …

Active ageing: tools and strategies to value and engage senior employees in companies

Scritto il: 14 January 2015 in: / Documents and reports

The  paper is the outcome of the Laboratory Active ageing: tools and strategies to value and engage senior employees in companies held by Impronta Etica and SCS Azioninnova Consulting and attended by …

Enterprise, sustainability and work. Towards new ways of creating value for the community

Scritto il: 17 December 2014 in: / Documents and reports

During the event "The sustainable company in a changing job market", Impronta Etica presented the document "Enterprise, sustainability and work" How will work change in the future? Which role will innovation play? …

Impronta Etica 2020. Together responsible for a competitive and sustainable development

Scritto il: 26 August 2014 in: / Documents and reports

In september 2011 Impronta Etica presented the Manifesto "Impronta Etica 2020. Together responsible for a competitive and sustainable development", which is a charter of engagement of its companies' members that fix the …

LOWaste - LOcal Waste Market for second life products

Scritto il: 30 June 2014 in: / EU Projects

LOWaste is a European LIFE project which aims to the prevent and reduce urban waste through the development of a local market of recycled and reused materials. The project leverages on green …

GAIA: Green Areas Inner-City Agreement

Scritto il: 28 December 2013 in: / EU Projects

GAIA is a LIFE project, started in October 2010, aiming to face climate change thanks to the development of a public-private partnership model for urban reforestation  through the realization of  “Green Areas Inner-City …

LACRe - Local Alliance for Climate repsonsibility

Scritto il: 30 November 2010 in: / EU Projects

The project LACRe (Local Alliance for Climate Responsibility ) is a European LIFE project that involved  the Provinces of Livorno and Ferrara, the Local Agenda 21 and Impronta Etica. The project aimed  to contribute to struggle climate changes …


Scritto il: 16 November 2010 in: / EU Projects

The project TRAIN4CSR started under the Leonardo da Vinci Lifelong Learning Programme and it has developed CSR trainings in a modern, interactive form, combining state of the art training methodology with sustainability …

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