Our Work

Our committment to the development and promotion of CSR & sustainability

Impronta Etica aims to be the place of sustainable and responsible innovation, elaborating contents on this issue, spreading the discussion taking place in the European institutions and promoting in Italy innovative experiences.
To reach this purpose, Impronta Etica promotes CSR & sustainability culture among all the stakeholders and supports its members in processes of improvements. Moreover, Impronta Etica disseminates practices, experiences and documents of its members, to encourage fruitful knowledge-sharing and partnerships.

Our activities

Information and updating

We carry out the permanent activity of information and updating on latest CSR & sustainability news and trends in the Italian and European scenario.

Services to

We offer to our associates the possibility to access to the most adequate services to their specific needs.


We create a network between companies and organizations, at the national and international level.

Best practices sharing

We discover and disseminate CSR best practices.

More on

We release researches and guidelines together with other stakeholders such as University, business associations, and external companies.

We organize and take part to conferences, seminars and workshops to promote the culture of corporate social responsibility & sustainability to all social actors.

We’re Partner in several European projects, where we bring our competences and our expertise to enhance innovation on several CSR & sustainability topics.